Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Colop Green Line Environmentally Friendly Line of Self Inking Stamps are a Hit with Businesses

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly and affordable marking products has increased dramatically and online retailer PromoteSource is pleased to continue to offer The Colop Green Line family of self inking stamps and accessories to its popular website,

The Colop Green Line is a unique line of stamps where the products and packaging are made from sustaining and recycled materials. Colop has been optimizing its production process for many years, creating products which cause as little damage to the environment as possible. With the Green Line, Colop goes a step further.

The Green Line products are made predominantly from recycled materials where a minimum of between 60% and 80 % recycled plastic is used. Colop buys in these materials and then re-uses them. The carton packaging is made from 100% uncolored recycled cardboard. The material is not bleached. The print is just partly bleached.

“Without a doubt, the consumer is demanding green products in their home and their workplace. With this trend continuing and more and more businesses implementing green plans, we felt we needed to respond to our customer's requests with a line of marking products that were truly green,” explains one of its partners, Michael Myers. "We've been offering the Green Line to our customers for about 18 months now and the response has been fantastic. Green and quality now go hand in hand."

Founded in 1980, Colop has become one of the largest players and innovators in the field of stamps. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Issues such as "climate change" and "sustainable protection of the environment" were included in the COLOP "mission" already several years ago and developed into a comprehensive and sustainable environmental concept.

“Colop is the real deal when it comes to a company who's been green before it became a worldwide trend. We're very excited about the future of the Green Line,” adds Myers.

PromoteSource provides a high quality, one stop shopping for consumers and businesses alike. Complementing its wide selection of marking products is its advertising specialties and printing business. Its customer service is unparalleled and “shopper safe” technology on its websites is key to their business. “We have strived to offer our customers a safe and easy online shopping experience, and yes, we still answer our phone. While others have come and gone, we're still here, so we must be doing something right,” explains another partner, Ed Eckhardt.

For the entire line of Colop Green Line Self Inking Stamps, please visit us at

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