Thursday, November 4, 2010

PromoteSource has added for Easy Promotional Products Searching!

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PromoteSource has added for Easy Promotional Products Searching and Ordering!

PromoteSource has once again upgraded our websites and has made ordering promotional products for your next ad campaign an easy process! We now have a separate website just for promotional products to make searching a breeze!

“We've been studying our customer's needs and the ever changing buying processes in today's small business and in the larger corporate environment. At the same time, we've been fine tuning our processes to adapt to these buyers and their marketing colleagues. Today, the people in charge of ordering products and services for the company they work in, have very limited time, want the ability to search online easily, and do not want to be bothered by sales reps walking in their door every day," says Michael Myers, one of the firm's partners.

"When our customers have a question, we're here for them, but we respect their time and privacy, and we believe reflects that," adds Myers. "We still have paper catalogs, always answer our phones, and we still personally call on our many local clients, however we know the way buyers want to conduct their business today, and this is one more way we are responding that."

Contact us for price and quantity discounts as prices can change daily. Put our years of expertise and ideas to work on your next promotion or event.

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