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How to Re-ink the Ink Pad on a Self Inking Stamp

How to Re-ink the Ink Pad on a Self Inking Stamp

Adding ink to a self inking stamp is a fast and easy process.

First, press the stamp down slightly. In most cases, no more than a quarter of an inch is needed.

Squeeze the small buttons on the sides of the stamp cap while at the same time continuing to press it down. This will secure the stamp into this position. If your stamp does not have these side buttons, then just simply continue to hold the stamp down slightly. You are doing this so that the pad cartridge is unlocked and free to slide it out.

Finding the ink pad is easy. It is a horizontally shaped piece that is somewhere in the middle of the stamp. Simply push this ink pad with your finger and it will slide out. Pull it all the way out.

Now that the ink pad is out of the stamp, take a look at the ink pad to make sure it is still usable or if you will need to purchase a new replacement ink pad. If the pad is hard or 'crusty', it is probably time to throw that pad away and purchase a new pad. If you decide to re-ink an old, hard pad, adding ink will be an ongoing process quite often and will not give a smooth and even imprint.

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However, if you have determined that your ink pad is ok to re-ink, then simply squeeze a few drops on to the ink pad to re-ink the pad. You can decide how many drops of ink are needed depending on the condition and dryness of the pad, but typically 4 to 7 drops of ink are sufficient. The size of the ink pad will also determine how many drops of ink you will need to use.

The following image depicts an Ideal 100 Self Inking Stamp being re-inked. The newer Ideal self inking stamps do not need to have the ink pad completely removed to be re-inked. Simply squeeze the ink into the holes shown to re-ink most Ideal brand of self inkers.

Next, insert the newly inked pad in the same manner that the pad came out. Once it is in place and is locked in place, you can let go of the stamp and it is ready for use.

Test the stamp a few times to make sure all excess ink is out and the ink has covered all areas of the pad.

Your stamp should now be ready for use.

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