Thursday, February 16, 2012

Embossers and Seals from

Embossers and Seals from offers a wide variety of embossers and seals for personal and business use, as well as Notary Public embossers for all 50 states. We carry the Ideal and Shiny Lines of Embossers, plus a variety of other brands and models you have come to trust.

Examples of some embossers we carry are:

Ideal Desk Model Black Embosser

Ideal Model 1 Hand Held Chrome Embosser

Ideal Model M Black Hand Held Embosser

Chrome Brass and Black Gift Embossers

Shiny Model ED Embosser

Shiny Model EH Embosser

Shiny Model EM Embosser

Shiny Model ES Embosser

What's the difference between the Ideal Model No. 1 and the Ideal Model M?

We get this question frequently so here is the easy answer. The raised part on the top of the insert is noticeably higher on the Model No. 1 than it is on the Model M. The following images show it very well. Use these pictures to see what model you currently have.

Ideal Model M Round Insert

Ideal Model No. 1 Round Insert

Model No. 1 rectangle 1" x 2" version insert on the left and a Model M rectangle 1" x 2" version on the right

What embosser orientation is correct for you?

The orientation of the embosser insert is very important and should be considered when determining how you will use your embosser and for what application.

  Top Edge Orientation

Bottom Edge Orientation

 Left Edge Orientation

 Right Edge Orientation

If you do not specify, we will always use bottom edge orientation as default as that is the most common.

If you are replacing an insert for your embosser, here are instructions on how to put the new insert into your existing embosser.

This is only a brief introduction to embossers and is offered as a guide for helping you choose the correct embosser for your needs. If you have any questions about embossers and/or accessories or are looking for that hard to find seal or embosser, we can help.

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