Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Remove and Replace a Printing Die Plate on any Self Inking Stamp

How to Replace Self Inking Stamp Replacement Plates

Instructions on how to remove and replace printing die plates on any brand and model of self inking stamps

Please follow these simple instructions to change your printing plate

1. With the front of the stamper facing you, press down the stamp until the plate area rotates and you can view the old rubber plate on the bottom of the stamper. If you have a make and model that has lock buttons, then simply hold down the lock buttons on both sides of the stamp and press top of stamp down. This will lock your stamp in a down position. The old plate is now visible.

2. Hold the stamp in your hand with the front of the stamper facing you. Turn the stamper upside down so the front of the stamper is now upside down and facing away from you. Carefully and slowly peel off the old printing die. You can do this easily with your fingernail, a butter knife, or any other similar tool or object. To avoid inky fingers, you may wish to wipe off excess ink from the old printing die plate before you remove it from the bottom of the stamper.

3. Hold the new printing die plate so the words are readable. Flip the printing plate over (bottom line on top) centering the die plate and apply to the stamp pressing down firmly onto the adhesive. You may need to add a new piece of double sided tape if the old adhesive tape is not usable anymore.

4. Press stamp down to unlock if it is a lockable model as described in step number 1. If it is not a lockable model, then simply release the stamp to its normal non-use position.

5. Your stamp is now ready for use. After testing a few times, you can stamp the ID card, or a new small sheet of paper, and place it under the top window for stamp recognition.

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