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Make a Statement for Your Next Marketing Campaign or Mailing with Rubber Stamps from

Make a Statement for Your Next Marketing Campaign or Mailing with Rubber Stamps!

Does your business use the mail to reach out to customers or business contacts? Do you ship orders directly to your customers? Do you want to save time? We have the perfect product for you. With personalized address stamps, you can add your personal touch to every piece of mail they send.
Who Should Use Address Stamps?
Any business that uses the post office can use address stamps to save themselves time. For companies that send packages by mail, address stamps are a time-saving option. They can also be used to address letters and paperwork for the mail.
Address stamps are also great for personal use for a variety of different reasons. Anyone would appreciate a stamp featuring their family name in a catchy design. People moving into a new home will want to update their stamps with their new address. Businesses add new departments or offices. The uses are limitless.
Why Use Address Stamps?
One of the biggest reasons to use address stamps is that they save time. Instead of having to write out their address every time they send out a piece of mail, you can just use a stamp. It’s a quick and effective way to put your return address on everything from packages to envelopes to mailers.
Another reason to use address stamps is because they add a more handmade touch to mailings. Unlike address labels, which can come across as mass produced, stamps allow for slight variations. This makes stamps great for businesses that want to emphasize the personal connection they have with their customers.

What Kind of Address Stamp Should You Use?
For businesses that will use a stamp many times in quick succession, self-inking stamps are a perfect option. New ink is applied with every use, you will get a clear image every time, and the internal ink pad is good for thousands of impressions before it needs to be replaced.
If you're concerned with making your business eco-friendly, our Green Line self-inking stamps are the perfect option. These stamps are made with at least 75% recycled content, making them an ideal option for those who want to make their stamps a bit more green. They are also self-inking, so they bring you the same benefits of a regular self-inking stamp in addition to this.
For those who prefer to have only one piece to work with, pre-inked stamps have the ink built into the stamp itself and can be used thousands of times before needing re-inking.  They also offer great image clarity, allowing you to use more detailed designs and logos in your stamp.

Traditional handle mount stamps are a great choice for someone who wants something tried and true. With no moving parts and the ability to change your ink color with every use, traditional stamps are versatile and classic. For those who are looking for a very large area to stamp, you have your choice of flat bottom or rocker mount styles.

How Can You Make Address Stamps Even More Personal?
You can add some fun to these practical items by adding a little extra design flair. For stamps that will be used in a business setting, company logos can be used alongside the address to make the stamp an extension of their existing marketing materials. Adding a logo to address stamps adds a touch of your company's branding to every piece of mail.
You can also add a simple monogram letter or picture to stamps that will be used for personal use. Add your favorite graphic to your stamp just like you would an address label. Do you want to add an elegant touch? Adding an elegant monogram of the first letter of your last name to the stamp always looks good.
Want to Know More?
To learn more about our selection of stamps or to place an order yourself, take a look at the 2015 Digital Catalog and our  2015 AddressStamp Monogram Specialty Catalog You can order your stamps and accessories directly online. If you prefer a printable order form that you manually fill out that can be emailed, faxed or mailed to us, you can find that here.

For more information about marking products of any kind, please send us an email to and we'll be glad to help.

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