Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shiny Eminent Line of Pre-Inked Stamps at Self Inker Prices!

Shiny Eminent Line of Pre-Inked Stamps at Self Inker Prices!

Shiny Eminent Stamp was developed to fulfill both the stamp makers and the consumers' needs. That is, while providing an easy operation and cost - efficient products to the stamp makers, Eminent is offering the consumers superior quality stamp with fast service. Two types of handles, soft handles and square handles, are designed for best handlings with various sizes.

Shiny Eminent Line with S-2100 FlashPoint stamp machine was introduced to the market in 2000, and has been very popular with those seeking for excellent service and quality.

While flash stamps have become the trend in the market, Shiny Eminent not only provides an alternative, but also the best quality.
An illustration of distinguished product features.
Various handle designs for different requirements.
The best quality Shiny Eminent ink is developed for best results.

Eminent Stamp:
Superior Quality
Uses only top quality ink and flash materials, Eminent Stamp guarantees excellent impression
that is superior to others.
Index Window 
Both soft handle and square handle feature index window that shows the stamp text in actual size.
Position Control 
The easy positioning indicator enables the users to stamp in the desired location.
Refill Ink 
Eminent Pre-inked Stamp can be re-inked for thousands more of waterproof impressions.
The unique Eminent Ink is developed for Shiny Eminent Stamp for maximum customer satisfaction.
In order to provide best handling for different sizes, Eminent Stamp are available in soft handles and square handles.
Soft Handle:
Square Handle:

Various sizes available.
Shiny Pre-Inked Stamp Ink using only the best materials with a special formula that is developed for the best results of Shiny OA Pre-Inked Stamp, available in BLUE and RED.
Please note the Pre-Inked Stamp Ink is for OA Pre-Inked Stamp use only.
To refill ink:

EK-1313      E-1313
EK-2323      E-2323
EK-3012      E-3012
EK-3914      E-3914
EK-4217      E-4217
EK-4425      E-4425

EK-5020       E-5020
EK-5717       E-5717
EK-6322       E-6322
EK-5232       E-5232
EK-6035       E-6035
EK-7030       E-7030

EK-7727       E-7727
EK-0033       E-0033
EK-0043       E-0043
EK-4933       E-4933
Refill Ink

Send us an email with the item number from the above list to and request the custom link to order the Shiny stamp that you need. 

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