Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shiny Essential Line of Heavy Duty Self Inking Stamps

Shiny Essential Line of Heavy Duty Self Inking Stamps

A distinctive heavy-duty stamp designed for frequent and long-term use. The patent-pending rubber band cover and strong structure are designed to ease the handling of a heavy-duty stamp. Special soft handle provides better handling to help users to stamp more easily and comfortably.
An illustration of distinguished product features.
Plates also available with numbers and dates.
Durable inkpads with the best quality ink. Available in a selection of colors.

Essential Line :
Soft Handle 
The handle will not cramp your hands, and the soft material provides a comfortable feel.
Lock Button 
The lock ensures easy operation for stamp makers, and for the users when changing ink pad and adjusting dates or numbers.
Full Size Display Window
Full-size display window clearly shows the
actual impression of the stamp.
Solid Construction 
The curved metal frame ensures durability for
frequent use.The new silent device allows quieter and smoother movement.

The Essential Line also features non-slipping
feet that keep the stamp in place and ensures quieter movement.
Plate Types Available:
Plate Only
Date Only
Number Only
Plate with Dater
Plate with Numberer
Available in various sizes.
Essential Line
Available Pad Colors:
Pads for Plate Only:
Pads for Plate with Date or Number:

H-6000 / H-6100 / H-61008 / H-6446/PL / H-6440 / H-6446   E-900 / E-910 / E-91008 / E-946/PL / E-940 / E-946
   H-6001 / H-6101 / H-61106
   H-6003 / H-6103 / H-61308    E-903 / E-913 / E-91308
   H-6004 / H-6104 / H-61408    E-904 / E-914 / E-91408
   H-6005 / H-6105 / H-61508   E-905 / E-915 / E-91508
   H-6006 / H-6106 / H-61608   E-906 / E-916 / E-91608
   H-6007 / H-6107 / H-61708   E-907 / E-917 / E-91708
   H-6708/PL H-6708/PL   E-9708/PL / E-9710/PL
   H-6008 / H-6108 / H-61808 / H-6118DD / H-6118DL/H-6118DR   E-908 / E-918 / E-91808 / E-918DD / E-918DL/ E-918DR
   H-6558 / H-6008/PL / H-6510 / H-6510/PL / H-6770
   E-958 / E-958/PL /E-9510 / E-9510/PL / E-970
   H-6416 / H-6416/PL / H-6418 / H-6418/PL   E-9416 / E-9416/PL / E-9418 / E-9418/PL
   H-6009 / H-6109
   H-6109-T12 / H-6109-T24

Send us an email with the item number from the above list to and request the custom link to order the Shiny stamp that you need. 

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