Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shiny Office Line of Rubber Stamps

Shiny Office Line of Rubber Stamps


A durable classic product line with a selection of hand stamps including time, date, number and phrase stamps.
An illustration of distinguished product features.
A selection of die-plate
dater, time & date stamp, number stamp and Dial-a-Phrase Dater in various size and language layouts.
The best quality Shiny Stamp Pad is developed for best results.

Drive Wheel
The Drive wheel allows users to set the date smoothly and easily.
Shiny Die-Plate Stamp features a lock that provides more convenient use of the stamp.

Handle Types :Various sizes and platen shapes available in different language layouts.
•  Die-Plate Date Stamp
•  Time & Date Stamp
Available with 5 phrase rubber faces which can be placed in the blank space under the arrow mark.
•  Date Stamp
•  Number Stamp
•  Flatband Die-Plate Dater
•  Dial-a-Phrase Dater
•  Dial-a-Phrase Stamp

Stamp Pad
Shiny Stamp Pads use only the best materials with a special formula of ink that is developed for the best results of Shiny office stamp, available in High-Density Foam and Felt type with 3 sizes.
Available Colors:
For product specifications, please see 
•  Stamp Rack
Various sizes of Stamp Racks for table-top hand stamp storage, max. 6+10 pieces.

Die-plate Date Stamp
Die-plate Date Stamp
Die-plate Date Stamp
Die-plate Date Stamp
Die-plate Date Stamp
Time & Date Stamp
Time & Date Stamp
Date Stamp

Number Stamp

Flatband Die-plate Dater
Layouts: German, Thai, Italian, Spanish
Dial-a-phrase Dater

Dial-a-phrase Stamp
Stamp Rack
Send us an email with the item number from the above list to and request the custom link to order the Shiny stamp that you need. 

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